How to Make Your Facebook Timeline Interesting

Sunday, April 09, 2017 Posted by indrascott

‘Facebook Timeline’ is no longer a new concept. We all Facebook users have been using this chronological way of representing our profiles since early 2012. However, if you had just overlooked this amazing concept and want to rediscover it, this post is worth a read.

Choose a Unique Cover Photo

Needless to say, your cover photo does let your friends and followers know about you, your work, and probably your lifestyle. Just like the cover image describes the book, your cover photo does the same for you. So choose a unique one.

Scroll Back Easily

Going back in time and seeing your past posts was tedious when you were using the old style. But with the new timeline we could get a slider at the top right of the timeline which made it easy to scroll back through the years and revisit the past events.

Catch Up on the Moments

We all have fond memories to remember in life. With this new timeline you are now free from the worry to remember all the important moments. All you need to do is write about the good moments along with their dates once and Facebook timeline will remember them for the life.

Maximize Photos

You can now highlight your important photos by clicking the star icon in the top-right corner of every post on your timeline. The photo will then appear to be twice its original size.

Include Apps

If you are interested in telling people what else you care about in your life, let the Apps do it for you. If you want to pin your tastes, add the Pinterest App on your timeline. If you love reading books, adding the ‘Googreads’ on your timeline would help you tell your friends the books you read. Aside from this, some other useful Apps are out there, discover them.

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