How to Choose the Best Photos for Facebook

Monday, April 03, 2017 Posted by indrascott

Facebook is no doubt a great photo sharing platform. But before sharing or uploading a photo we must not forget what we are sharing and why we are sharing it. That means we must understand the purpose and message on sharing the photo. If we could do this, they would be our best photos on Facebook. Here’s what you (or any Facebook user) should do to make your Facebook photos the best.

Create Separate Albums

While adding/uploading any photo Facebook asks us to make an album. After choosing the ‘Create Photo Album’ option on your homepage you will be prompted by your cursor to caption the title atop. The title is the album’s name and the texts in it suggest the story of the album. For instance, if you create an album named as ‘Nightlife at My Office’, you’ve got to add photos telling everything going on in your office in the night hours, not just few pictures including you and your computer.

Take Larger Photos

The problem of pixellation holds true for every image when it’s enlarged. But no harm is done to images if they are contracted. So better take larger photos with high resolution and upload them on your Facebook album. This ensures a smooth photo viewing experience for your friends.

Portray Good

If you want to display your dog, take closer photographs depicting its unusual activities or so. This does not mean to hand it a glass of beer and capture the photo. Well, this could go funny in some cases, but not always. Understand that taking funny clips and spreading them online is the job of certain specific websites so let them do their work. Do not waste your efforts in unnecessary camera work. Just a little thinking before you go on to portray somebody or something would be ideal.

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