FBPrivacy Gives You More Control Over Facebook for iOS

Saturday, April 27, 2013 Posted by indrascott

iOS (Jailbroken): It's pretty gradual to customise your Facebook experience on your screen, but that doesn't provide to the floating change. FBPrivacy is a new jailbreak force that gives you a accumulation of options for action standard of what happens in the iPhone's Facebook app.

We've shown you all kinds of distance to customize the settings in Facebook from your computer, but unfortunately those extensions and tweaks don't hold over to the airborne experience. FBPrivacy gives you both of that mastery over both Facebook and Facebook Traveller. With it, you can modify the "seen" messages conveyed after you look a substance, play off the "typing" indicator, enable the dictation key, channelize on timestamps, and even enable VOIP. Additionally, you can pretend it so you can transport more than one icon in a substance, and travel off Traveller reminders.

If you're specially singular almost what Facebook's doing under the goon, you can also enable Inner Settings in the Facebook app to get attain to all kinds of settings you wouldn't unremarkably see. As it stands, FBPrivacy is a hard tune that gives you a bit many contain over the Facebook live on the iPhone, but the developer has also mentioned that settings for confab heads and customization of the interestingness have are in the activity as healed.

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