Gratis Auto Follower Instagram

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Sekarang ini Instagram merupakan Powerfull Social Media buat Martketing, banyak kita jumpai orang-orang yang menggunakan Instagram untuk lapak berjualan dengan memposting foto dari barang-barang yang mereka jual. Dan bagi yang mempunyai follower banyak mereka bisa di endors untuk mempromosikan suatu produk dan memdapatkan fee dari endors tersebut

Yang jadi permasalahan sekarang bagi yang baru memulai Marketing lewat Instagram adalah bagaimana mendapatkan banyak Follower secara cepat dan gratis. Sebenarnya banyak software berbayar yang bisa digunakan untuk mendapatkan banyak follower seperti : Massplanner, Follow Liker ataupun Instagress. Tetapi yang saya bahas disini adalah Cara Mendapatkan Follower Instagram Gratis

Untuk mendapatkan Follower Instagram Gratis secara mudah silahkan Klik gambar dibawah ini dan ikuti langkah-langkah di dalamnya


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Bot NecroBot Forked v0.9.3 [ Necrobot Update ]

Monday, August 22, 2016 Posted by indrascott


[PTC Login / Google]
[Get Map Objects and Inventory]
[Search for gyms/pokestops/spawns]
[Farm pokestops]
[Farm all Pokemon in neighbourhood]
[Throw Berries/use best pokeball]
[Transfers duplicate pokemons]
[Evolve all pokemons]
[Throws away unneeded items]
[Humanlike Walking]
[Configurable Custom Pathing]
[Softban bypass]
[AutoUpdate / VersionCheck]
[Multilanguage Support]
[Use lucky egg while evolve]
[Egg Hatching Automatically]
[Multi bot support]
[Snipe pokemon]
[Power-Up pokemon]
[Telegram Remote Control Support]


[Bahasa Indonesia: fix and update translations]
[Merge pull request #1]
[Bug fix with Waypoints]
[Improving use of incubators]
[Merge remote-tracking branch]
[Merge pull request #237]
[Merge pull request #225]
[Merge pull request #211]
[Merge pull request #214]
[Merge pull request #223]
[Fix using WalkingSpeedVariant]
[Fix GPX PokeStopListEvent]
[Fix GPX route]
[Fix show info GoogleAPI]

Auto Restarter:
1.Open notepad
2.Paste the following lines into it:

@echo off
start /b NecroBot.exe
timeout /t 3600 > null
taskkill /f /im NecroBot.exe > null
goto begin

3.Save it in the NecroBot's folder (where NecroBot.exe is) with any name, followed by .bat
4.If you have the bot running - close it. Run the bot from the .bat from now on. It will restart on every hour. To change the time between restarts, simply change '3600' to your desired number (in seconds)

Alright, for everyone that don't understand how the bans work. There are currently 4 type of bans:
IP ban = Can't catch pokemons or use pokestops (temporarily)
Can't catch pokemons = CatchFlee (temporarily)
Can't use pokestops = Can catch pokemons but can't use any pokestops (temporarily)
Failed to login = Failed to get game data from the server. (permanent/servers are unstable/servers are down)

How to avoid getting banned? Don't use any blatant settings. Use humanized ones. Disable all type of sniping (pokestop sniping as well), or just make big delay between the snipes. Here are few things you should've done before asking why you got banned:

 "DisableHumanWalking": false,
  "WalkingSpeedInKilometerPerHour": 3.6,
  "MaxSpawnLocationOffset": 10,
  "FastSoftBanBypass": false,
  "DelayBetweenPlayerActions": 5000,
  "DelayBetweenPokemonCatch": 2000, //or even higher
  "SnipeAtPokestops": false,
  "UseSnipeLocationServer": false,

Before you say something like:
I could've not been banned if you told me eariler! Remember! I'm not responsible for anything that happens to your account. Before you use any type of 3rd party tool you should know that there is always risk of getting banned.

Necrobot Forked V0.9.3 Download


Net Framework 4.6.2

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  • Bot Necrobot v0.9
  • Bot Pokemon Go
  • Cheat Pokemon Go
  • Download Newest Necrobot Pokemon GO
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QuickSpin - PokemonGo Softban Unbanner

Monday, August 22, 2016 Posted by indrascott

QuickSpin - PokemonGo Softban Unbanner

Tutorial :
- Download & Extract QuickSpin Yang Sudah Di Download
- Edit User.xml Ganti Username/email , Password Dengan Notepad  Jangan Lupa Edit Lat & Long ( Di sarankan yang Banyak Pokestop ) Dan Save

QuickSpin - PokemonGo Softban Unbanner
- Jalankan QuickSpin.exe Tekan Y Lalu Enter dan Tunggu Sampai Prosess Unbanned Selesai

QuickSpin - PokemonGo Softban Unbanner

Download QuickSpin V1.3 PokemonGo Softban Unbanner